I'm Chris Norwood! I recently graduated from Pitzer College majoring in Biology. I am currently teaching as a Fulbright grant recipient under the U.S. Department of State education and international diplomacy program in Malaysia. I have a passion for music, videography, and international healthcare. 


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Cameron Highlands English Camp

May 4, 2017




What an awesome month! April really flew by because we were keeping so busy with many amazing camps. I think one of my favorite parts of my time here so far has been the English Camps and April was filled with six English camps in total.  It is fun working side by side with fellow Fulbrighters, and the students seem more relaxed in an environment outside of the classroom. We are required to lead at least two English immersion camps for secondary school students and Noah and I led our very own camp this past month in the Cameron Highlands.

            The camp was entitled the Cameron Highlands Environmental Stewardship English Camp and included over 60 students from SMK Mahmud and SMK Sungai Ruan. We also had the amazing support of 15 Fulbrighters from Pahang, Terengganu, and Kelantan. The Cameron Highlands is a region in the hills that was colonized by a British colonizer surveyor in 1885. It has become an agriculture epicenter for tea plantations, strawberries, and many other crops that can grow in this cool region set at around 5000 feet. The goal of the camp was to engage students in their local environment and learn the vocabulary and notions of environmental sustainability, stewardship, and responsible farming practices. We spent a lot of time preparing journals for all of the students to use throughout the camp. The journals included questions based on the locations we visited. We first traveled to a lavender farm where students discussed the term “sustainability” and journaled about plant-based products, we then traveled to a strawberry farm where students learned about “hydroponic farming” and “the role of pollinators”. Lastly, we stopped at a tea plantation where there were journal questions about large scale farming impacts. Lots of photos were taken with the A+ views!

            All in all, the students, Fulbrighters, and teachers all seemed to have a ton of fun. I personally felt so thrilled to see the whole project come to fruition, and so supported by all of the other Fulbrighters who traveled hours just for the day to help out my students. This was a moment of my Fulbright experience I will never forget! To top it all off we got featured in the national newspaper The Star, check out the article here.





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November 24, 2017

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September 28, 2017

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